Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joshua playin' bball

there's no turning back. Joshua is playin' ball now. and he's loving it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

back to dana point & laguna

for our 7th anniversay last weekend, janell took us back to our honeymoon spot in dana point, ca. we spent our time on the beaches in laguna, swimming, talking, lying in the sand, watching the sunset, and enjoying paradise. it was hard to stop and take pictures, but got a few. 89 degrees in november. hard to top that.

just his style

we knew it was coming. jacob his first black eye and stiches, in his left eyebrow, a few weeks ago. he did it tripping while running, and we won't be surprised if it happens again, soon. he hated the stiching part, and screamed holding onto janell. the doctor said that he likely won't remember it, thankfully. within a couple of days he was back to normal, and it cleared right up for our family pictures a couple of weeks later. he was looking handsome as ever.

the st. george

my goal to run a marathon came on my mission in mongolia. 9 yrs later, it happened, and i got to run it with janell, her 2nd, and dan, his first. us before, during, and after. i'll probably do it again. i know janell will. dan said no, even though he made great time. thanks to lissy for standing out in the rain all day to cheer us on.

to the "u" and the "h"

yes, we're byu fans, but not opposed to hiking up to any letter on the mountain. a couple of months back, joshua, jacob, and i hiked up to the "u" and then followed it with a hike to the "h", close by our house. we didn't get a picture of the "h", but the last 2 photos are the view. not bad.


joshua at jenny's soccer game. i was a bit concerned the tree would fall over, but joshua was determined. fun guy.

first day of kindergarten

handsome guy on his first day of kindergarten.